We are a social consultancy for brands that believe in themselves

In the age of digital – nobody comes to your brand cold.


They might have seen you about on the street, seen an advert or heard of you via a recommendation, but by the time they interact with you they have googled everything they can. Their research will include the time to check out reviews, make a snap assessment on the appeal of your website, seen what people say about your employees, see how you respond to people on social platforms, find any media releases, do some price comparisons and if this doesn’t give them what they’ve needed they’ve done a general shout out via their channels saying “Anybody done business with X – looking for feedback good and bad.”

The digital revolution has put the power into the hands of customers. They are driving innovation. They are driving expectations. They are documenting your successes and your failures even when you are not.

So embrace it. If you believe in your brand, in your products/services, your employees and what you do – throw open the doors. Learn to love feedback that comes via your social channels. Invite it even.

But also learn to love yourselves. Back yourself. Back your brand. We understand the inherent risk in being accessible to your customers 24/7 and work with businesses to foster positive, ethical and responsive communities that are truly representative of your mission, vision and objectives.

Think of it as self love with a strategy. And training. And documentation.

Most importantly, we understand that your use of social media is part of a more comprehensive business approach. It does not exist in isolation and therefore, both the content you put on the different platforms and the interactions you have with your customers based on that content, are critical to your business success.

We absolutely adore empowering employees and customers to be proactive about engaging with your brand, ensuring a dynamic experience that makes fans out of customers.

In short, Elverson Social provides strategic consultancy, implementation and training services for brands that love themselves.

If you need to put that in bureaucratese for management, Elverson Social provides:

  • Social consultancy
  • Strategy development
  • Policy and procedures to streamline your in-house capabilities
  • Scenario and escalation planning for adverse events
  • Training for management and teams
  • Content design and planning