To paraphrase every dad ever – “What you need is a plan!”

A social strategy is simply the roadmap for achieving your business objectives through meaningful engagement with your target audiences.

It’s not a road trip though. Road trips by definition are unplanned, unstructured and generally end up with somebody getting arrested or nude.

We solve the challenge that exists for companies in ensuring that they know who their target audiences are, where they are engaging, how they are engaging and what kind of content and information is going to assist them in choosing, and championing, your brand.

A good social strategy will amplify the brand experience for a customer, driving them to your product and services in ways that resonate with them personally. It will allow you to learn more about your customer, what they think of you and what they value.

Your social strategy should,

  1. Further your overall business objectives
  2. Give you a snapshot of what your competitors are doing
  3. Enable you to impact larger business understanding
  4. Identify how social media fits into your overall structure
  5. Identify channels, content types and optimal user experience
  6. Define success metrics
  7. Detail the infrastructure to support successful social activity
    1. Documentation
    2. Processes
    3. Policies
    4. Risk Management

We are happy to put together your social strategies and they all come with a no nudity guarantee.