So what is content anyway?

This sentence is content.

This picture is content.

What do pineapples and social media have in common-

So is this audio clip.

And… well… you’ve probably got it by now. Content is words, pictures, audio, video, competitions, infographics, presentations, ebooks, or blogs – anything that informs, entertains or otherwise engages your audience.

It needs to represent your brand. It needs to be consumable. It needs to have value or add value. It needs to have context. It needs to be relevant. Sometimes content is planned. Sometimes it’s spontaneous.

Content is an experience of your brand by the audience.

Not all content is created equal.

We help brand, design, write, script or produce content for your audiences. We won’t provide back up vocals but would be more than happy to provide interpretative dance interpretations of your content if required.